Stud says sad final farewell to foundation broodmare 24-9-2018 13:58

The champion mare received head studbook grading with the Sport Horse GB and won many titles including broodmare diploma at the BEF Futurity... [Lees meer]

How to make your horse Insta-famous: 10 tips to help your four-legged friend become a social media star 24-9-2018 13:24

If you are looking to catapult your horse or pony to social media stardom, here’s some top tips for those keen to turn their four-legged friends into the next internet sensation... [Lees meer]

*NEW* Lynne & Cobbie’s big tour: introducing our huge challenge 24-9-2018 11:55

Meet Lynne and Cobbie as they prepare to embark on a huge challenge, all in aid of the Devon Air Ambulance... [Lees meer]

Comeback of Flora de Mariposa 24-9-2018 10:53

The 13-year-old Belgian Warmblood mare, Flora de Mariposa (For Pleasure) didn’t compete in Tryon, instead she made her comeback in the arena in Canteleu, France. Flora represented France in the last three championships. Last weekend however Flora made the start in the CSI1* with Felicie Bertrand. Herman de Brabander’s breeding product was before competed by ... [Lees meer]

Training horses daily is not necessary to get good results, study shows 24-9-2018 10:34


"When horses are over-trained they start to show a range of mental issues including switching off, response lowering, aggression etc."

Training horses daily is not necessary to get good results, study sh... [Lees meer]

Stuart Hollings: When both judges aren’t in harmony *H&H VIP* 24-9-2018 10:00


Horse & Hound's showing columnist questions the dual judge combination and mark system ... [Lees meer]

Tales from Stoneleigh: ‘I never expected this’ — meet the winning horse who underwent major kissing spines surgery 24-9-2018 09:24

Meet this prix st georges competitor with an amazing back-story... [Lees meer]



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