PSC Den Goubergh

03-12-2016 / 04-12-2016
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PSC Den Goubergh

10-12-2016 / 11-12-2016
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PSC Den Goubergh

17-12-2016 / 18-12-2016
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IICH Groningen

04-01-2017 / 04-01-2017
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IICH Groningen

05-01-2017 / 07-01-2017
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‘A mannerly show will catch my eye’: what do native judges want to see at Olympia? 4-12-2016 18:25

Olympia S/Jump 20.12.10 M&M Line up.
Standing out from a strong field at Olympia’s Blue Chip British Show Pony Society (BSPS) Heritage mountain and moorland championship is a tough task. Which judges will be making the big decisions this year and what will they be thinking?... [Lees meer]

CSI Poznan: It is a Dutch victory in the Grand Prix! 4-12-2016 18:21

In the Polish Poznan, the highlight of the show was the Grand Prix that was ridden this afternoon. In this Grand Prix, 50 combinations entered the show ring. It was a quite difficult course, only seven riders rode a clear first round. A jump-off with seven combinations also had to decide about today’s big winner. ... [Lees meer]

CSI Paris: Wathelet wins thrilling Longines Masters Grand Prix 4-12-2016 17:51

In Paris, a spectacular Grand Prix has just been ridden. 45 combinations entered the show ring for a difficult course. The course was very technical, so a lot of riders made mistakes on several fences. Several top riders such as Pius Schwizer, Penelope Leprevost and Lucy Davis decided to retire. Kent Ferrington broke his stirrup ... [Lees meer]

Semah El Dahan takes spectacular victory in Grand Prix Barcelona 4-12-2016 15:33

Barcelona this weekend was the home ground of a CSI2* show. The highlight of the weekend was the CSI2* Grand Prix, a 1,45m class that has just ended. It was a very exciting jump-off with only seven competitors. It was the Egyptian rider Sameh El Dahan who took the victory. He and his Suma’s Zorro ... [Lees meer]

Guillaume Foutrier takes the lead in Land Rover Grand Prix Paris 4-12-2016 15:14

The Land Rover Grand Prix in Paris this afternoon was won by the Frenchman Guillaume Foutrier. In a jump-off with 14 pairs  seven  stayed clear to compete for the number one spot.  Foutrier was the first to go into the ring and produced an amazing round of just 33.83 seconds straight out of the starting blocks ... [Lees meer]

New series for owners of show horses 4-12-2016 14:45

If it proves popular, the series will be expanded in 2018... [Lees meer]

Prepare to be amazed: 10 horsey Mannequin Challenges you can’t afford to miss 4-12-2016 13:25

Here's a round-up of some of the equestrian Mannequin Challenges that have been posted online... [Lees meer]



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